Monday, May 18, 2009

Twe2 is gone, but then I never did get it to work

Earlier, I wrote about a service called Twe2 that allows people around the world to get Twitter messages on their mobile phones. That's needed because Twitter does not send to mobiles in most countries, only to the US, Great Britain, Canada, and, for some reason, India. Twe2 was supposed to be a gateway you could use to get around that limitation. Without something like it, Twitter is of limited use here (actually, I'm still trying to figure out what the use is).

I've tried many times to get my mobile phone number "verified" to work on Twe2, but for some reason the confirmation message would never come through. Perhaps a problem with my carrier. Whatever the case, it's now a moot point because I learned today from Twe2's website that it no longer exists, the source code having been sold to Wadja (an unfortunately heavy, clumsy sounding name in English, in my opinion, but what's a name).

temp I've signed up for Wadja (as MikeBlyth, in case you want to follow me) and am trying to get some friends in Jos to join so that we can test its capabilities. So far, I haven't seen anything about a gateway with Twitter, but we don't really need that if all we want is to access a Twitter-like network for our friends in Nigeria. I'll report later how it works. So far, all I can say is that the web interface seems really slow, at least from Nigeria.


  1. Hi Mike,

    Just to clarify. The source code was not sold to Wadja.

    Paul Kinlan
    Twe2 Ltd

  2. Sorry. I saw that the site said "We have sold the codebase and are effectively closing down," and later, "The sale originally was to include the continuation of the Twe2 service however, Wadja dropped our ability to send messages to 3 messages a day ....," so I thought you had sold the code to Wadja.